Suraj Zara Aa Paas Aa: Beautiful Shammi Kapoor-Manna Dey Song

>> Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yesterday I was watching TZP on DVD and the song Bum Bum Bole kind of reminded me of Suraj Zara Aa Paas Aa song from Ujala (1959), protagonist Ramu (Shammi Kapoor) sings this song with/for hungry underprivileged kids. Its very difficult to pen a beautiful and fun-filled positive song like this for such a gloomy scene, but that’s where lyricist Shailendra Sahab creates the magic. Ujala was written by Qamar Jalalabaadi, who himself was a great lyricist, but it were Shailendra & Hasrat Jaipuri who penned the songs for Ujala (Remember Jhoomta Mausam Mast Mahina penned by Hasrat Sahab?).

Normally you see Shammi Kapoor lip-syncing Mohd. Rafi’s voice most of the time, but in this song for a change it's Manna Dey who is providing the playback voice for Shammi...Music is by Shankar-Jaikishan (who are apparently my most favorite composers).

Suraj Zara Aa Paas Aa

(PS. Manna Dey also sung Ab Kahaan Jaaayein Hum for Shammi in this film, another classic song with haunting use of chorus by Shankar-Jaikishan)

Ab Kahaan Jaayein Hum


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